One of the English tales


-Gerard, it’s time for breakfast ¡

And I woke up to my mum’s voice. I couldn’t remember what I dreamt about, but I didn’t thought it was important.
Then I realised it was Halloween. The day I had been waiting for the whole year. I knew it was going to be a day to remember, and I wasn’t wrong.

I was hungry like hell so I went downstairs quickly, but when I arrived to the kitchen there was no one in there. The lights were of, and I couldn’t smell pancakes. I looked the clock; it was 8:00 am. Everything was suddenly too quiet. The kitchen was clean, and quiet. There was this note on the table:

I’m working. Take something for breakfast from the fridge.

-This must be a joke – I said aloud.
If my mum wasn’t at home, who shouted? But it was her voice…
I looked for someone all over the house but I was alone. My mum’s bed was made, and her room was really tidy. The fridge was empty, so I decided to go to look for something to eat out of the house. I dressed up quickly, took my mobile phone and I left home. I didn’t even wash my face, or comb myself.

I nearly have forgotten about my mum when I saw her. She was at the end of the street I was walking by. She was in yesterday’s clothes. Her hair was unclean and wild. She wasn’t wearing any make-up, and she had no shoes. She was looking at me right in the eyes without moving any muscle. It was creepy.

But she didn’t reply, or move. She kept looking at me like she couldn’t hear me. I started to walk faster to her. As I went closer I realised that her eyes were like empty, without any expression. I was looking at her when I fell down. When I looked up to the end of the street, there was no one in there. I was alone again.

‘Maybe I’m just too hungry and quite asleep, and I imagined everything’ I thought.
I came into the first café I saw. It was a small one, and there was no one in there. It didn’t have windows. I ordered a coffee. I needed to relax, and forget everything about that morning. I wanted to start the day again.
While I was having breakfast I was trying to convince myself that everything only happened in my head.
Maybe it was a joke that my mom decided to make for Halloween. Maybe I imagined everything. I really wanted to believe that. But, just for sure, I decided to call my mum’s office with my mobile phone:

-Hello, this is Hilary’s son. Is she in?
-sorry, you got the wrong number. None Hilary works here.

I hanged up. I wanted to cry. I really wanted all this to be a joke.
Because I was sure it wasn’t the wrong number, the girl I talked to was my mum’s secretary, and I knew her. Something was going on, something wasn’t ok. The day I had been waiting for so long, seemed to be against me.

I wanted this day to end. I didn’t finish my coffee, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I paid it, and I went out of the café. I was really surprised that it was dark. The lampposts were on, and it was pretty cold. Did I spend that much time in the café? No, I’ve been there for a few minutes!
At that moment, I didn’t care if it was too weird, I was glad that this day was ending. I looked at my watch.
It didn’t work. It was stuck in 8 Am.

I heard some laughs, and I turned my head to the right. There were some children playing in a street next to where I was. it was nice to know that there were still normal people. It made me smile. I laughed too, so some children turned their heads to me. They didn’t have face. It was just skin, no eyes or mouth.

That scared me so much. I was starting to feel panic. I screamed and started running. There was big stone in the road, and I didn’t see it, so I fell down again. I tried to stand up as fast as possible, so I could run away from there. I looked back anxious to see if the no-faced children were following me, but there was no one in the street. I was alone, again. Everything was quiet again. The café I entered in was closed. All the lights were off.

I kept running anyways. I was frightened. I wasn’t going anywhere, I wanted to go as far as I could, no matter where.
I was crossing a road when suddenly I was lighted by something. It was a big black car. It was one of those cars that are used in funerals. The car crashed on me after I saw who was driving it. It was my mum in yesterday’s clothes again. Her eyes were red and empty. She was shouting something…

-Gerard, it’s time for breakfast ¡

And I woke up to my mum’s voice. I couldn’t remember what I dreamt about, but I didn’t think it was important.